WeightNot Reaches 10,000 Member Milestone

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Membership Growth Doubles Versus Prior Year

WeightNot, a company providing therapeutic nutrition programs that result in rapid, sustainable weight loss, has now served over 10,000 members. The pace of growth in new WeightNot members has doubled versus the prior year, as more consumers have discovered WeightNot and the lifelong benefits of its program.

WeightNot CEO Paul Amoruso commented: “Our mission is to help people reverse their weight gain and take control of their health, so we are of course delighted to see our membership grow so quickly. More importantly, it is deeply gratifying to see our members adopt new, healthy lifestyles that increase their quality of life, and in some cases even save their lives.” Amoruso continued, “That said, we’ve barely scratched the surface as to meeting the need for an effective, rapid and reliable lifestyle intervention for weight loss. So, we look forward to educating more consumers about our holistic approach and demonstrating how the use of therapeutic nutrition can dramatically accelerate and improve results.”

WeightNot has quickly built its nation-wide membership over the last five years by providing a therapeutic weight loss program that uses exclusively natural foods and supplemental nutrition to help reverse the many health conditions associated with weight gain. Members progress through three stages on the WeightNot program. They begin with a detoxification and anti-inflammatory regimen, transition to a fat-burning period, and conclude with a retraining period to ensure the adoption of a sustainable diet for weight maintenance.

As part of their programs, members of WeightNot receive all the tools they need for success, including nutritional education, medical grade supplementation, coaching, recipes and structured dietary protocols. They are also encouraged to participate in the WeightNot private online communities where they can share their experiences with others.

About WeightNot: WeightNot is a weight loss company based in Bethesda, MD, and was founded in 2010. Since its commencement, WeightNot has changed the lives of members around the country by helping them take charge of their health. WeightNot programs help members make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to rapid and sustainable weight loss.