WeightNot Launches WeighFast, a Two-Day Detoxification Trial Plan

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Plan Previews the Results and Health Benefits of Complete WeightNot Programs

BETHESDA, MD (MarketersMEDIA) June 13, 2016

WeightNot, a company providing all natural, holistic weight loss plans that deliver rapid and sustainable results, has introduced a new two-day detoxification and anti-inflammatory trial plan for those considering enrolling in a complete, three-stage WeightNot program.

Through our food, Americans ingest a high volume of harmful toxins and chemicals that can have many negative health effects, from increased inflammation to disruption of hormone systems and even chronic disease. WeighFast uses therapeutic nutrition to support the liver in the elimination of stored and circulating toxins, while also typically resulting in noticeable weight loss.

“Many consumers wonder if they will be able to successfully make the changes to their diet and lifestyle that are essential for improved health – even if they are following a well-structured plan like WeightNot,” stated WeightNot CEO Paul Amoruso. “WeighFast is a rapid, effective way for participants to see immediate benefits, and to gain the confidence to start the longer journey toward reaching their overall weight loss and health goals.”

At the completion of the WeighFast trial plan, most members report a higher energy level and sense of well being, along with meaningful weight loss. WeighFast members who continue on to a complete WeightNot program progress through an extended detoxification stage, fat burning stage and retraining stage.

The WeighFast trial plan is featured on the WeightNot website at –

About WeightNot: WeightNot is a holistic weight loss company based in Bethesda, MD, and was founded in 2010. Since its commencement, WeightNot has served thousands of members with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. WeightNot helps members make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to rapid and sustainable weight loss.