WeightNot Introduces the ThinSpin Exercise Pedaler

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Low Impact Exercise Device Designed to Help members Achieve Activity Goals

BETHESDA, MD (MarketersMEDIA) September 7, 2016

WeightNot, a company providing all natural, holistic weight loss plans that deliver rapid and sustainable results, has introduced a new exercise pedaler called ThinSpin.

The ThinSpin exercise pedaler is designed to help members conveniently achieve their daily activity goals with less impact and minimal joint stress and is great for those who sit for extended periods of time across the day or have restricted mobility. ThinSpin tracks calories burned, revolutions per minute, and total revolutions, and can be used as both a leg and arm pedaler to strengthen muscles, burn calories, and improve circulation.

“We have many WeightNot members who are transitioning from a long period of inactivity, have conditions that limit their ability to walk or support their full weight during exercise, or are working with schedules that simply restrict their ability to dedicate substantial time to physical activity,” notes WeightNot CEO Paul Amoruso. “ThinSpin is a tool that allows these members to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, even when they do have lifestyle or health constraints.”

The new ThinSpin exercise pedaler is featured on the WeightNot web site – www.WeightNot.com/thinspin

About WeightNot: WeightNot is a holistic weight loss company based in Bethesda, MD, and was founded in 2010. Since its commencement, WeightNot has served thousands of members with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. WeightNot helps members make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to rapid and sustainable weight loss.

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