WeightNot Celebrates its 500,000th Fan on Facebook

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Milestone in Social Media Reflects WeightNot Popularity

WeightNot, a company providing therapeutic nutrition programs that result in rapid, sustainable weight loss, has recently achieved a noteworthy social media milestone by exceeding 500,000 U.S-based Facebook fans. WeightNot has helped thousands of its members change their lives and realize incredible health transformations, and the size of the WeightNot community on Facebook parallels the growing popularity of the company’s weight loss programs.

Five-year-old WeightNot has quickly built a Facebook community rivalling or substantially exceeding the communities of established national consumer brands across all industries, including weight loss and wellness. Increasingly, consumers rely on social media to discover and select services and products, including those for weight loss. The WeightNot Facebook page contains thousands of member testimonials and stories from people of all ages and backgrounds.

WeightNot CEO Paul Amoruso commented, “We know that personal motivation is a critical part of weight loss success.  So, every day on our Facebook page, we share the real stories of our members in their own words, to help inspire others to achieve their weight loss goals. The scale of the WeightNot Facebook community reflects the extent to which the positive, authentic experiences of others can provide much-needed emotional support to those who are striving to improve their health.”

WeightNot serves members nationwide through its internet-based programs with the addition of phone-based support. Members of WeightNot receive nutritional education, coaching, and structured dietary regimens and recipes, and they participate in WeightNot’s private online communities where they can share their experiences with others. All Members also receive WeightNot NutriScriptions, which are medical grade supplements formulated specifically to support each stage of the weight loss process. Beyond recommending an all-natural, organic approach to food, WeightNot uses nutrition therapeutically to help improve the health of its members while also helping to reduce their weight.

About WeightNot: WeightNot is a weight loss company based in Bethesda, MD, and was founded in 2010. Since its commencement, WeightNot has served thousands of members with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. WeightNot helps members make healthy lifestyle changes that lead to rapid and sustainable weight loss.