What You Should Eat

WeightNot promotes whole foods as the foundation for healthy eating, with daily calorie consumption that is proportional to calorie expenditure once an individual has reached a healthy weight and body composition.

WeightNot believes that the application of therapeutic nutrition from high quality supplementation can help correct physiological imbalances, dysfunctions and dietary deficiencies.

WeightNot does not recommend the absolute elimination of any single category of macronutrient; in the absence of specific allergies or intolerances, protein, fat and carbohydrates as whole foods provide essential nutrition. However, WeightNot does believe that the majority of calories should come from protein and fat rather than carbohydrates – especially during weight loss.

WeightNot understands and appreciates the rationale of those who elect to avoid foods from animal sources for ethical or environmental reasons. That said, WeightNot does not believe that eating only plant-based nutrition is optimal for a healthy diet, and instead suggests that complete nutrition is most easily achieved when food from animal sources is also included.

How You Should Eat

WeightNot promotes home cooking and personal meal preparation, and fosters food selection and preparation skills for better control over exactly what and how much food is consumed. WeightNot endorses the idea that simple, economical meal preparation is possible for most everyone, and that the skills and insights associated with selecting and combining ingredients enhance long term weight management.

WeightNot recommends practices such as meal planning to encourage advance preparation and help prevent the selection of unhealthy foods for reasons of simple convenience rather than nutritional value. WeightNot also supports the tracking of food intake to maintain vigilance around portion control, increase mindfulness, and prevent emotional or distracted eating, as well as other eating behaviors driven by factors other than true nutritional need.

What You Should Avoid

WeightNot believes that what you avoid eating is at least as important as what you do eat.

WeightNot recommends eliminating or minimizing the consumption of processed carbohydrates or sugar, which is known to cause weight gain, inflammation, hormone disruption and other disorders that underpin obesity, diabetes, heart disease and a range of other serious health conditions.

WeightNot also suggests avoiding foods manufactured, grown or raised with harmful chemicals and antibiotics. WeightNot recognizes the social norms that have developed around the use of alcohol and the challenges associated with contradicting these, but recommends minimizing or eliminating alcohol consumption given its toxic effects and the net negative health consequences of its use.