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If you have a thyroid that is impaired or has been removed, WeightNot can still be highly effective as long as your condition is properly controlled through medication. While a thyroid condition may have contributed to your weight gain due to its impact on metabolic rate, once corrected and managed, it should NOT be a significant impediment to your weight loss. Many WeightNot members have succeeded on the program in spite of their thyroid conditions, and have been able to lose weight and reach their goals.
WeightNot is designed to help stabilize and control blood sugar, and is a healthy choice for Type II diabetics who wish to better manage or potentially reverse their condition. Please note that we ask insulin-dependent Type II diabetics, or those who take supplemental insulin injections, to work directly with their personal physicians to monitor their insulin levels during the program, and require that those members provide us with medical authorization from their doctor prior to commencing the program. Insulin-dependent Type II diabetics can request a medical authorization form from a WeightNot Specialist.
WeightNot is designed to help stabilize and control blood sugar, and is a healthy choice for Type I diabetics who wish to better manage their condition. Please note that we ask all Type I diabetics to work directly with their personal physicians to monitor their insulin levels during the program, and require that members provide us with medical authorization from their doctor prior to commencing the program. Type I diabetics can request a medical authorization form from a WeightNot Specialist.
Heart disease includes a range of conditions, most of which do not rule out participation in WeightNot, as long as light to moderate activity and a calorie restricted diet do not cause a risk to health. Many people with heart disease have been able to safely follow the WeightNot program, including those who have had coronary artery bypass surgery, pacemaker implantation, stents, catheterization or other cardiac procedures. The determination of whether WeightNot is right for you should be made with your physician. However, if you experience a high degree of discomfort from light to moderate activity, or if your health would be at risk from restricting calories, then WeightNot would not be a good choice for you.
WeightNot is compatible with most medications, including common drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type II diabetes. As your health improves due to weight loss and increased activity, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your medications in consultation with your physician. You should continue to follow the prescription recommendations from your physician during the plan, and follow their instructions regarding regular blood testing, blood pressure measurement, or other periodic health assessments so that they can determine if dosage should be changed or prescriptions stopped altogether.

Note that there are some medications that can make weight loss more difficult, such as steroids for the treatment of conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and gout, drugs that impact the endocrine system and hormone levels, or drugs that mimic hormones in the body. In addition, drugs that impact brain chemicals, such as those used for the treatment of depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, nicotine addiction and fibromyalgia, can have an impact on hunger levels. Please be aware that your results on WeightNot may be impacted should you be taking drugs in these categories.

WeightNot is designed to address the causes of high blood pressure such as inflammation, and as such can be beneficial for those suffering from this condition. We encourage members with high blood pressure to continue to monitor their blood pressure closely during the program, and to report reductions in blood pressure to their physician so that they can make changes to medication levels or eliminate medications when possible. As WeightNot does involve daily activity, we also ask that members be careful not to exert themselves to a point that increases blood pressure to unhealthy levels.
WeightNot is designed to address the dietary causes of high cholesterol by eliminating processed foods and foods with added sugar. While individual results vary and cannot be guaranteed, it is not uncommon for members to see a reduction in LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. We encourage members with high cholesterol to continue to monitor their condition with their physician so that they can make changes to medication dosing or eliminate medications when possible.
It is common to regain some or even all of the weight lost from bariatric surgery, or to simply fail to reach a weight loss goal after a bariatric procedure. Bariatric surgery is not a guarantee of any particular amount of weight loss or of sustained weight loss, as these procedures do not address the fundamental behavioral and environmental challenges of managing weight in the modern food environment. Whether you’ve had a gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric banding, WeightNot can provide you with the education and structure you need to reach and sustain a healthy weight.
We do not recommend WeightNot for those with kidney filtration levels that are below the normal range, even if you do not yet require dialysis. If you only have one kidney, but that kidney has normal function, then WeightNot is still appropriate for you. Should you be aware of kidney function issues but are unsure as to whether WeightNot is right for you, please obtain a copy of your most recent lab report and review the results with your physician to verify that your filtration level is in the normal range. If it is below the normal range, then WeightNot would not be a good choice for you.
We do not recommend WeightNot for those with conditions that impair liver function, including hepatitis, sclerosis or alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD). In the limited case of those diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), we do allow program participation with written physician authorization.
Hormonal fluctuation and rebalancing during menopause can contribute to weight gain or difficulties losing weight. But contrary to popular belief, weight gain is not inevitable with menopause, and you can still achieve meaningful weight loss results on WeightNot during menopause by making the proper adjustments to diet and activity level. The pace of weight loss on the program for those in menopause can in some cases be slower than would otherwise be typical, however most menopausal women can achieve excellent results by following WeightNot.


While exercise is a part of the WeightNot program, we do allow for flexibility in meeting your exercise goals in order to accommodate your preferences and any mobility restrictions that you may have. If you are unable to walk to accomplish your activity goal, you may substitute other exercise that is more comfortable and achieves similar results, for example, riding a stationary bicycle. Similarly, if you are unable to stand to meet your resistance exercise goal, you can also do these exercises while seated or laying down. If you are unable to be active in any way, it is still possible to lose weight on the WeightNot program, however your pace of loss will likely be slower than average.
Do not be intimidated by the exercise goals for the program. For some members who are already active, these goals can be met from the outset, but for others these goals will require a gradual increase in activity level over time. For example, in meeting the daily 10,000 steps goal, you can build to this across a number of weeks or longer until it is comfortable for you. The most important thing is to just get started, and then to make progress toward your goal as your fitness level increases across the program.
It is not necessary to do your daily activity at the gym, so there is no reason to worry if you dislike exercising in a public place or simply prefer the convenience of exercising at home. You can walk most anywhere — inside or outside — and WeightNot provides exercise guides that enable you to accomplish your daily resistance exercise at home.
The easiest way to make time for exercise is to build it into your schedule. That might mean a daily walk before or after dinner, or a few smaller walks across the day when you have shorter breaks. In total, your daily activity should not require more than an hour of dedicated time, but may be accomplished in even less time depending on the type of exercise that you select.
During periods of calorie restriction as in the weight loss stages of WeightNot, we advise our members to engage in only light to moderate activity. This is to ensure that members have enough energy to exercise safely, and that they do not trigger hunger that is counterproductive to their weight loss. Since exercise has little impact on weight loss without also following a calorie restricted diet – even intense exercise – it is better to ratchet down exercise levels to achieve your weight loss goal during WeightNot than to do just intense exercise alone. We encourage members to increase their activity levels once they progress to the transition and maintenance stages of WeightNot, at which time intense exercise is permitted.


WeightNot supplements are designed to deliver a therapeutic benefit, with intensive nutrition that can help address many of the underlying conditions that contribute to weight gain or that create an impediment to weight loss. WeightNot supplements are manufactured to meet the FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, and are free of gluten, soy, artificial sweeteners, stimulants, chemicals and common allergens.
WeightNot supplements are of the highest quality and potency. During your program, you should be able to stop taking nutritional supplements that significantly overlap with or duplicate the ingredients in your WeightNot supplements. You can continue with supplements that are not included as part of WeightNot, particularly those recommended by your physician, but please note that any calorie content from those supplements may impact plan results. As such, it is especially important to avoid supplements that contain carbohydrates or sugar.
WeightNot involves supplements that are in either powder or pill form, or both, depending on the plan you select. WeightNot supplement pills are relatively easy to swallow, and most members find the powders to be pleasant tasting. WeightNot supplementation is essential to success, ensuring complete nutrition during the program, and supporting therapeutic benefits that can enable weight loss. We do not recommend that members attempt to follow their plan without taking their WeightNot NutriScriptions, so it is important that you commit to taking your supplementation daily.

Food and Meal Planning

There are over 100 choices of common, widely available healthy foods that you and your family can enjoy, including meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables and greens. We do recommend that you prepare your own foods as often as possible. Be aware that no alcohol, sugar or processed carbohydrates are allowed during the weight loss stages of WeightNot.
WeightNot foods and recipes can be shared with others in your household – there is no need to cook different meals for yourself and your family.
For proper nutrition we recommend eating freshly prepared natural and organic foods when possible. Eating processed foods with chemicals and artificial sweeteners is not only unhealthy, but it doesn’t address the behavioral issues that caused weight gain or teach proper habits to keep the weight off. Moreover, eating from packages is likely a primary reason for weight gain.
A primary reason for disliking fruit and vegetables is the adaptation of your taste to processed foods that contain high concentrations of salt, sugar, fat and chemicals. The good news is that this desensitization of your taste buds can be reversed over time through a healthy natural diet such as WeightNot. Members commonly express newfound or rediscovered appreciation for fruit and vegetables after following the plan for a short time, and continue to incorporate both into their meals for the long term. WeightNot plans do require that you consume vegetables and fruit daily, ensuring that you get complete nutrition to support your weight loss and health.
It is common for those who join WeightNot to start out feeling controlled by the foods they have been eating, particularly when it comes to sugar and caffeine– whether that is in the form of energy drinks, coffee, soda, wine, chocolate or desserts. While you may feel powerless to resist your cravings right now, it is important to understand that this is not a natural state for anyone, and that it is possible to eliminate these unhealthy drives by addressing the underlying causes through nutritional therapy and the systematic elimination of these foods from your diet. The WeightNot dietary and supplementation regimen is designed to help rebalance insulin, brain chemicals related to satiety, gut bacteria that can drive sugar cravings, and many other systems, so that you can regain control and make healthy, conscious food choices.
WeightNot teaches you to manage your weight in the midst of real life, including business or personal travel and eating out. You’ll learn to find foods that are appropriate in most any venue, including airports, hotels and restaurants, and to choose wisely from a menu or ask for accommodations that allow you to stay on track with your plan, while avoiding those items that can sabotage your weight loss. We have had many Members who have travelled throughout the program or eaten out frequently for business meals and had great success.
Even if you don’t like to cook every day or don’t have much time for cooking, you can easily manage the food requirements on WeightNot. For example, many members set aside time on the weekend and prepare meals for the entire week in advance, measuring out portions so that everything is ready to eat. Others will simply buy pre-cooked meats and boiled eggs, then combine with fresh fruits, vegetables and greens to quickly and easily create their meals.

Hunger Management and Calorie Restriction

With the combination of whole foods and supplementation on WeightNot, the vast majority of Members receive far higher quality and more intensive nutrition during the program than they did prior, even with the calorie restriction required for weight loss. Rather than consuming “empty calories” in the form of processed or sugary foods that contain a lot of energy but little nutrition, you’ll be eating real foods that are nutrient dense.
WeightNot is designed to effectively combat the physiological causes of cravings and extreme hunger such that cravings typically resolve within the first two weeks of the program, while hunger is managed to normal levels. This is achieved through a combination of factors including the nutritional content of the program, and our approach to stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving satiety signaling. Food volume for whole, natural foods can be substantial, and members are often surprised that they do not experience excessive hunger on the program, even during the low or modified calorie weight loss stages of their plan.

Weight Loss Goals, Pace and Maintenance

Studies now demonstrate that losing weight rapidly using a properly structured nutrition and lifestyle intervention results in 5x greater weight loss at 18 months post diet than when weight is lost slowly, with no greater likelihood of regain. Further, the belief that slow weight loss is best has been classified as one of the Top 10 Diet Myths by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. As a practical matter, more rapid weight loss also builds momentum and motivation, and more quickly addresses the urgent health risks associated with excess weight.
You can typically lose this amount on WeightNot during a brief detox or single month of membership, though we do recommend a period of maintenance as well to all members so that they solidify their healthy eating habits.
WeightNot has helped individual members to lose as much as 200-300 pounds, and those with 100 or more pounds to lose often see above average results in their initial months on the program. WeightNot is a means of quickly reducing your health risks, particularly as an alternative to bariatric surgeries.
As you age, it is common for lean mass to decrease, which reduces metabolic rate. In combination with changes in hormone levels, this can result in fat storage or weight gain, and make weight loss seem more difficult. Even so, proper diet combined with increased activity can still be highly effective in both weight loss and improvement in metabolic rate. We’ve had many WeightNot members in their 60’s-80’s who have succeeded on the program, some with comparable rate of weight loss to younger members.
Through the proper balance of nutrients, use of supplements and management of caloric intake, the WeightNot program induces your body to enter and maintain a state of fat-burning. This means that stored fat is the primary source of energy from the body during weight loss, not lean mass.
Weight maintenance requires long-term commitment and vigilance. In addition to adhering to principles of food selection, portion control and daily activity that you learn during WeightNot, you will need to monitor your weight on an ongoing basis so that you can act quickly to minimize and reverse any weight gain that might occur following the program. To help you succeed with this effort, WeightNot offers a maintenance plan that includes dietary guides, supplementation and support. In the event of weight regain, it is important to intervene quickly – and WeightNot provides advantaged pricing for returning members who need additional assistance.

Program Value and Pricing

The best way to make a financial comparison of weight loss plans is to focus on the average cost to lose a pound – and on that measure, WeightNot is perhaps the most economical and fastest option available. WeightNot members who follow the program carefully and correctly generally achieve weight loss in the range of $5-$20 per pound lost, as compared, for example, to hundreds of dollars per pound lost for surgery, which is also far riskier. Of course, pace of weight loss and overall results on the program will vary based on starting weight, gender, compliance, duration of plan and individual physiology.
The outward benefits of changing your lifestyle and losing weight on WeightNot can be quickly apparent — looking better, having a smaller waistline, fitting into skinny jeans, getting compliments from friends and family. But many members tell us that the biggest impact of WeightNot is on quality of life, eating more healthily and more economically, reducing or eliminating medications along with prescription costs, increasing energy level, sleeping better, having more consistent moods, or reducing inflammation and improving conditions such as joint pain. Moreover, WeightNot members are empowered to manage their weight with confidence for the rest of their lives. Of course, results will vary for each member depending on factors including starting weight, gender, compliance, duration of plan and individual physiology.
While it may seem simple to lose weight – just eat less and move more – in practice losing weight is quite challenging, as evidenced by growing obesity rates, and in spite of so many people repeatedly attempting to shed unwanted pounds. But there is no need for trial and error. WeightNot has done the research for you and created a proven, reliable system followed successfully by tens of thousands of members.
Flexible Spending and HSA programs sometimes cover weight loss treatment if you are diagnosed as obese (BMI of 30+), however coverage varies and you should check the details of your policy. If your program does cover weight loss services, then you can —

1) Have a physician assess your BMI and write a note stating that weight loss would be of benefit to your health, with diagnosis of obesity as appropriate.

2) Submit your doctor’s note with diagnosis to the FSA/HSA plan provider.

3) Get reimbursement from your provider with proof of purchase, or use funds from you plan for direct payment.

According to the official IRS website, you may deduct the cost of participating in a weight loss program to address a specific disease or diseases, including obesity. To make a deduction for weight loss services, you would need a note from your doctor diagnosing you as clinically obese (BMI of 30+) in conjunction with documentation of your program costs. We are not tax experts and do not provide tax advice, so you should check with your tax advisor to review your personal situation.


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