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Vicky, WeightNot Member, Lost 52 Pounds

Starting Weight: 267 pounds
Current Weight:215 pounds
Total Weight Loss:52 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:High blood pressure, major health scare
Now:• Off blood pressure medication
• Has enough energy to live a healthy, active lifestyle

I just turned 59 and count it as a blessing. In 2014, I was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia, and then my body went septic and my kidneys started failing. I was in a self-induced coma and pretty sick. While I was still in ICU, I had a stroke and had left side paralysis. I could not walk, talk or swallow; therefore, I had a feeding tube. I was released to start my long road to recovery at home. God has been so good to me, and still is.

I am 5’8″ and weighed 267 pounds when I started WeightNot. Today, I weigh 215 pounds and have gone from a size 3X to a size 16. Before I started my new journey, I was on high blood pressure medication. After one month, I had lost 25 pounds. My blood pressure was way too low, so my coach suggested I call my doctor, and he took me off my medication. As of today, I feel so much better, stronger and healthier. The energy I have is unbelievable, and exciting because it helps me to continue with my new way of living, eating and exercising. This program is great as far as all the support I receive. The communication that we have with other members on the web site and the weekly talk with my coach is very helpful. I am half way to my goal, and I feel confident that I will succeed! The encouragement I receive daily from my family and friends that have noticed my new “look” is just the frosting on the cake… (that I have not tasted in 3 months).
– Vicky

Cheryl, WeightNot Member, Lost 70 Pounds

Starting Size:Size 28
Current Size:Size 18-20
Total Weight Loss:70 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Getting her life back
Now:• Partner able to put his arms around her for the first time in years,
• Loves how she looks and feels

Several of my friends and I went to a restaurant in March, and a picture was taken of us. I looked at the picture and realized that I was bigger than I thought I was, so I began my search for a weight loss program. I came across the WeightNot program on Facebook and immediately contacted the number listed.

I spoke with a representative that was fantastic and gave me all the options as well as the cost associated with the program. I asked to think about it and do some research on the program. My partner checked into the reviews, and we both were impressed with what we found. So the next day, I signed up for the program. I wanted to lose 100lbs, but also knew that I had many restrictions due to my disability. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2003 and osteoarthritis two years ago and have been battling it since. Walking is something that I can do in small doses but not much else. My weight was a problem and contributed to some of my inactivity. So, I placed my order with the shipment date being the middle of April as I was going on vacation and wanted to wait until I returned.

I received an email introducing Megan as my coach. She reached out to me before I started the program. I began the detox the weekend of April 23rd. That is when the transformation began. Megan reached out after the first week to see if I needed any help. I mentioned that breakfast was the tough part for me, and she suggested eggs which were perfect. Then, lunch was so filling! I was dropping about 5lbs a week (sometimes more). I was seeing results in the pounds but still not much otherwise. I kept going because I was feeling better and didn’t have any real cravings. Eventually, I started to see the results when I took my measurements. I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited that it brought tears to my eyes. My partner was able to put his arms around me for the first time in I don’t know how many years. I felt like a new woman and knew that I made the best decision.

There were times when I was asked if I ever wanted to give up. My biggest answer was ‘NO’! I felt wonderful! My clothes were getting big and it was finally time to purchase some new clothes. I have lost 70lbs. I have gone from a size 28 to a size 18-20. I’m so excited! I haven’t felt or looked this good in a long time. I have learned what I need to do to continue on this path. I am constantly telling people about this program and how well it has worked for me.

Thank you again Megan & WeightNot for giving me my life back!

Mary, WeightNot Member, Lost 85 Pounds

Starting Weight: 243 pounds
Current Weight:158 pounds
Total Weight Loss:85 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Struggled to find the right solution
Now:• Fits back in her wedding dress from 16 years ago
• Considered “super preferred” by life insurance plan

I cannot thank Weightnot and my coach Megan enough for all they have given me. I have tried so many things and finally found what works, WeightNot!

WeightNot has taught me so much, and having Megan as my coach truly made the difference. She has been there quickly to help in any way. She has given me knowledge and reassurance many times.

Eat right and exercise they say, right? Sounds so simple. Then why do so many people struggle? WeightNot has it down to a science. You WILL see results, learn how to eat and see progress. I have gone from a size 20/22 to a size 8, and I now weigh 158 pounds for a total of 85 pounds lost to date with WeightNot. I cannot tell you the blessing this journey has been! Worth. Every. Penny.

Recently, I got a call from my life insurance agent. We just took out a policy, and he said to commend my hard work again he just wanted to share with me that I am considered and qualify for “super preferred”. He said, “I just had to let someone else whom I consider thin know that they actually did not qualify.” This goes by your BMI. IT MADE MY DAY!

So, I went from obese to “super preferred”, and it’s all because of the WeightNot program. I tell everyone!! And my coach Megan Andrason is amazing. She has a piece of my heart forever.

I celebrated by fitting in my wedding dress from 16 years ago. This Fall in comparison to where I was last Fall. I am forever grateful. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!

Denyse, WeightNot Member, Lost 61.4 Pounds

Starting Weight: 193.8 pounds
Current Weight:132.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss:61.4 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, poor health
Now:• Bloodwork in normal range
• No longer takes medicine to control her diabetes
• In great health, and maintaining her weight loss

In January, 2016, I went to my doctor for my routine bloodwork. I was getting bloodwork done every 3-6 months since I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes four years ago. My results were “TERRIBLE”. I was on the verge of my doctor putting me on statins because of high cholesterol and being changed from Metformin pills to insulin for my diabetes. I pleaded with my doctor to give me 3 months to turn my health around. My doctor basically told me that it would take a miracle for her NOT to put me on statins, but she gave me a chance anyway.

Over the next few weeks, I changed my eating habits, lost a few pounds, and felt a little better. However, I was not satisfied. I knew it could be better. I saw an advertisement for WeightNot on Facebook one afternoon. I decided to submit my contact information and wait for a call.

When I received a call back, initially, I did not answer the call. I figured that this program could not be legitimate since I saw it on Facebook. Upon the second call, I decided to answer. After talking with the nutritionist, she uncovered my health….one being the diabetes. She told me that I would not be able to do the program if I were insulin dependent. I figured that this had to be a legitimate program – if this program was a hoax, the representative would not have been honest with me and would be all about getting someone to sign up, whether or not it would benefit me!

On April 3, I started the two day fast at a weight of 193.8. After being on WeightNot for a little over a month, I returned to my doctor for another round of blood work. This time, my results were “GREAT”! All of my tests were within the normal range…including my cholesterol! My doctor was very impressed as all of my tests were totally different than from just a few months before. I was not prescribed statins, and I was also taken off of my Metformin. My diabetes was now controlled by diet and exercise!! I was told to continue doing what I was doing and to come back in December to do another round of bloodwork.

I continued Thintervention. I reached my goal weight of 132.4 on August 29th and have been maintaining that weight, give or take 5 lbs. That’s a total of 61.4 pounds in 4 months! I have done other weight loss programs in the past but have never been as successful as I have been on WeightNot, nor have I even felt as good as I feel now.

I continue to maintain my weight and I continue to feel GREAT! I am definitely looking forward to my bloodwork in December! Because of WeightNot, I went from extremely poor health to great health in less than 2 months!!

Thank you, WeightNot, for giving me my life back!

Shelly, WeightNot Member, Lost 47.5 Pounds

Starting Weight: 181 pounds
Current Weight:133.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss:47.5 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Yo-yo dieter, trouble maintaining weight loss,
blood pressure getting higher
Now:• Lost 49 inches
• Blood pressure in normal range
• Learned how to properly maintain her weight loss

I have struggled with my weight since I became pregnant with my child in 1980. Since then, I have been successful at losing weight utilizing several different programs over the years and consider myself a professional dieter. Historically, my issue is keeping it off. My weight has yo-yoed throughout the years. I have never stuck with a plan long enough to complete any maintenance program.

I found WeightNot when I noticed a coworker shrinking out of her clothes. I was jealous she was dropping so much so fast, so I asked her what program she was using. Due to my ‘expertise’ at weight loss, I researched as much as I could on the website before reaching out. I decided this was a program I could follow and have results fast enough to keep me motivated and stay on the right track until I could reach my goal, including the program’s maintenance phases. 

My starting weight was 181. I began following the program and losing pounds. I looked forward to my weekly phone calls from my coach. She always encouraged me and talked me through big and little losses. I was pleasantly surprised I never felt hungry at any time on the program, including at the beginning. I never wavered from the program and faithfully weighed and measured my food as well as my body. I thoroughly appreciated the choices within each food group. My husband and I went out for a steak dinner at least once a week. I substituted green beans for the choice of potato and also made good choices going through the salad bar. I learned to order a small to-go box at the same time and immediately cut my steak into appropriate sized portions and took the rest home for additional meals within the next few days. Before beginning the program, I would have eaten the entire steak, a potato, and an excess of a variety of salads.

I followed the Thinsured maintenance phase of the program and tried reintroducing foods and food groups back into my diet. My body had such a negative reaction to those foods that I have opted to eliminate them totally.

In addition to the successful weight loss of 47.5 pounds and 49 inches, I have had non-scale successes as well. My doctor had wanted me to consider blood pressure medications. My most recent reading was 120 over 70! I recently ordered a size medium shirt, and it was too large! Even my belts are too big!

Heartfelt gratitude to all at WeightNot for guiding me on the weight loss journey and improved quality of life now and tomorrow. 
– Shelly

Wende, WeightNot Member, Lost 60 Pounds

Starting Weight: 243 pounds
Current Weight:183 pounds
Total Weight Loss:60 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Wasn’t taking care of herself, anemic,
constantly lacked energy
Now:• Has energy to engage with her kids and play with her dogs
• Never felt better about herself for accomplishing a goal

My name is Wende and I am 42 years old. Growing up, I was very active. We had a ranch, and I had many chores. I played three sports in high school and went to college on a volleyball scholarship. I never had a problem with keeping my weight under control.

In May of 2009, I lost my husband and 3 stepdaughters in a plane crash. After that, I spent all of my time focusing on my surviving children and making sure things were OK for them. I eventually quit teaching and opened a Christian Bookstore in my hometown. As moms and business owners usually do, I became last on my list of things to take care of. I found love again and remarried in February 2013. However, I was still taking care of everyone else and putting myself last.

When I heard about WeightNot from a friend in July, I weighed 243 pounds, more than I weighed when I gave birth to both of my children. I was extremely exhausted all the time. We sat and watched TV all evening long, and I was so anemic that I had to have iron infusions. My husband and I had gym memberships, but we never used them.

When I called to find out about the program, I was instantly on board! I was excited to learn what foods were truly good for you and was shocked to see how many “healthy foods” were actually loaded with sugar! In the 13 days between ordering the program and actually starting it, I had decided I was going to get myself ready for it. I cut out all caffeine and carbohydrates. I was amazed at the difference it made! Once I started the program, the weight just fell off! Now, my husband and I go to the gym every morning and we actually feel like slugs if we don’t go. I have the energy to engage with the kids and play with the dogs.

As of today, I have lost 60 pounds and have 13 to go to get to my goal weight! I have never felt better about myself for accomplishing a goal. Thank you WeightNot for bringing me back to life!! My husband and kids thank you as well! 
– Wende

Marla, WeightNot Member, Lost 60 Pounds

Total Weight Loss:60 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Self-conscious, lacked energy
Now:• More energy than ever before
• Feels confident, has fun shopping for clothes

I lost a total of 60lbs. on the WeightNot program! I knew I had to do something to get my weight under control. I wasn’t happy with myself and I was very self-conscious around people, including my husband. I felt like nothing I would wear would fit me well and anytime I was around people, they were judging me according to my weight. I have two daughters and I didn’t want to be the “fat” mom that could potentially be an embarrassment for them.

In the past, I had tried many diets where I would lose some weight, but then would plateau, get frustrated, and end up gaining more weight than I had lost to begin with. I heard about WeightNot from Facebook. Some of my friends had “Liked” the page, and since I had never heard of the program, I decided to research it and see if it was worth a try.

There were many reasons that I decided WeightNot was the next program for me to try. It advertised fast results, which I needed. I was also excited that there weren’t any fad diet foods that I would be eating. It was a diet based on all real foods that I could easily find in the grocery store. Since fresh foods were what the diet was based on, I felt like they would be something I could incorporate into my life even after the program was over and maintain my weight.

When I started the diet, I was so happy with the quick results. Those quick results also carried through the entire program which made it was easy to stay on track. I had never been so excited to get on the scale every morning to see how much weight I was down. Also, I think the fact that the program cost a significant amount of money for me made it easy for me to stick to the program. I didn’t want to just throw my money away. I have all great things to say about the diet. My coach was awesome, and I was so pleased with the quick results! I wanted to be the mom that could play with her kids, and now I feel like I have more energy than ever before. I also feel like I could be an inspiration to others. It felt so good when people would start noticing my results. I am having such a great time now shopping for clothes and actually feel confident about myself when I walk into a room! Thank You, WeightNot!
– Marla

Kelly, WeightNot Member, Lost 65 Pounds

Total Weight Loss:65 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Was turned down for health insurance, lacked motivation
Now:• More confident and in control
• No more cravings

Like many other people, I have tried all sorts of diet programs and may have lost 10 to 20 lbs. but was not able to keep it off or continue to lose. The program was either too strict or didn’t fit my busy life. Or possibly it didn’t give me the support I needed to succeed because I really didn’t know what I was doing, and at the time I thought I did know what I was doing.

It wasn’t until I found WeightNot that I learned how to lose weight the smart way. It wasn’t easy, but the support team made it doable, and I believe that is the major difference. My before picture was taken at work. I had applied for insurance a few months before when I was in between jobs and was denied because my height and weight didn’t calculate to a healthy enough person to be considered for insurance. This made me stop and think that if I’m obese and not able to get health insurance, this was a big problem. I had been very healthy, but who was to say it would continue? I was not motivated enough to lose a pound on my own until I found WeightNot online.

The first two days were more about breaking the bond I had with food than anything else. By day 3, I realized I really needed help, and I felt like I was going in the right direction. I diligently stayed on the program, weighing my food, cooking it the exact way it needed to be cooked. The program took the guess-work out of eating. I started to feel more confident as the pounds started to come off. I wasn’t starving, and I had lost my cravings. Once I got to day 15, I knew I could do this. For once in my adult life, I might be able to make a weight loss goal.

So far, I have lost 65 lbs., and I’m about 12 lbs. from my goal. I have the tools to finish what I started and the confidence to finish strong! Thanks to Megan for her weekly calls and answering the questions as I go. She has been a wonderful benefit of this program. 
– Kelly

Cindy, WeightNot Member, Lost 50 Pounds

Starting Weight: Over 200 pounds
Total Weight Loss:50 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Felt depressed, body aches, menopause,
hypothyroidism, lacked energy
Now:• Came out of retirement
• Feels and looks great

I’m 67 years old, and my story is nothing short of amazing. At 5’3”, I weighed over 200 pounds! I was a school administrator for 23 years before I retired in 2013. The stress, coupled with post menopause, had really packed on the pounds. I also have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, so my thyroid quit working a long time ago. 

I’ve been on every diet known to man, and most of them worked ok, but the minute I stopped following the diet, my body worked overtime to put the weight back on. As I aged, it was harder and harder to lose any weight. I was getting depressed and I ached all over, not to mention I had no energy. I honestly felt like I was heading for an early grave, but I didn’t know what to do.

WeightNot has been an easy plan to follow because you get to eat what you like. I took full advantage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the spring and summer, and now that fall is here, I’m enjoying many different varieties of squash. I have not craved anything, and I am not starving when it is time to eat. My personal coach, Megan, has been amazing. She’s helped me every step of the way, and for that, I’m so very grateful.

Remember I told you I had no energy? Well, I was asked to come out of retirement and be the principal of our local elementary school this year because the last administrator left over the summer. I accepted the challenge and I’m having a ball. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds. I feel great, and I think I look pretty good too! I would recommend WeightNot to anyone who wants to get healthy while they lose weight. 
– Cindy

Terri, WeightNot Member, Lost 53.6 Pounds

Starting Weight: 249 pounds
Current Weight:195.4 pounds
Total Weight Loss:53.6 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Self-conscious at social activities,
depression, stalled career path
Now:• Beginning a Family Nurse Practitioner program
• Feels like she has her life, self-esteem and worth back

I have struggled with my weight since my early 20s, gaining and losing 60+ pounds every couple of years or so. The thing is, I am an ER nurse and was vegan for years and yet I still continued to gain and lose. In the last 10 years, my weight has fluctuated from as low as 220 to as high as 251. This has caused me to shy away from social activities as I felt I was too large to hang out with my counterparts (who are fit) and has caused me to have a great deal of depression. The depression caused a stall in me continuing my educational goal of being a Nurse Practitioner.

So I joined and it has been the best decision I have made in 10 years. I am 51, I began at a weight of 249 lbs. and now I weigh…wait for it…195.4 lbs.!!! I haven’t been this weight since 38 years old! And, I am beginning the Family Nurse Practitioner Program in the spring!!

Thank you WeightNot for helping me get back my life, self-esteem, and most of all my worth. 
– Terri

Angel, WeightNot Member, Lost 85 Pounds

Total Weight Loss:85 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Stage 3 breast cancer, needed to take control of her health
Now:• Increased energy
• Improved blood work
• New lease on life

After finishing treatment for Stage 3 triple positive breast cancer, I knew I needed to take control of my health. I had been obese for 20 years, and the idea of losing weight was overwhelming. Sure I had tried other programs in the past and had some success, but I could never stick with them.

I researched many weight loss programs, and WeightNot had great reviews from independent researchers. Honestly, what won me over was the idea of fast, steady weight loss without surgery. When I began the program I told myself I could do anything for 127 days. After all, I had chemotherapy that long! But in my mind, I was planning to lose the weight I could and then go back to eating whatever I wanted. I was surprised that along this journey my thought processes have changed as much as my weight.

I can’t lie…that first week detoxing was hard but my coach helped me get through it. The second week was a bit easier, and by the third week I realized I wasn’t even craving sugar. I couldn’t remember the last time food didn’t occupy my every thought.

The constant steady weight loss kept me motivated to stay on track. If I did hit a plateau, my coach would give me ideas to get the scale moving again. By logging my steps everyday, I was able to set goals. I had no idea how sedentary I had been. I was dropping clothing sizes, too. Yet even more amazing to me was that I was learning how to cook without fats and sauces, and I enjoyed the flavors of the foods. And I wasn’t hungry! I was eating less and yet had more energy than I’d had in years. My family was definitely noticing the change, and they loved my new lease on life. I’m a mom that can keep up with my kids now and hopefully show them the benefits of eating healthy and being active.

The program was truly so easy for me that I have extended twice. I am over 40, had a hysterectomy, and take medicine to protect me against a cancer reoccurrence. In no way should I be able to lose weight like this! My liver was damaged from the cancer treatment. When my oncologist saw my bloodwork after three months on the program, she was happy and amazed at the improvements. I live in a very rural area and have to travel for doctoring, shopping, etc. It has been easy for me to stick to my plan even while away from home.

I have made it through holidays, reunions and others eating around me without feeling left out because my body was being nourished, so I didn’t crave the foods I use to eat. People can’t believe the change in me. It sparks a lot of conversations about how I lost the weight. I am glad to talk about it. I want people to know there is hope out there. In less than 7 months, I have lost 85 pounds! I am so grateful that I found WeightNot and that I can give myself the best chance at a long future!

Rosemary, WeightNot Member, Lost 156 Pounds

Total Weight Loss:156 pounds
Health & Lifestyle Concerns:Realized she needed to make a change
Now:• Feels and looks better than ever
• Improved blood work
• Lives an active lifestyle
• Has the attitude and knowledge to maintain her weight loss

I started my weight loss journey on January 15, 2016, when I looked at myself and said enough is enough. I saw WeightNot on Facebook and decided to give it a try. This program lets you use real food that you prepare yourself along with supplements to support healthy weight loss.

I was hooked right away. The WeightNot program comes with support from other members going through the same weight loss journey you are, a tremendous recipe collection, and an online discussion board where we can encourage each other along the way. Not to mention your own health coach, who you can call anytime.

I would get upset if I did not lose any weight, or if I needed a recipe for chili and my coach was always there to send me the information, tailor my diet, and would check in regularly to check on my progress.

My current weight loss to date is 156 lbs. I feel and look better than I ever have. I now incorporate yoga and cross fit into my lifestyle. I now have the attitude and knowledge to keep the weight off. This is just the beginning for me!
Look out 2017! 
– Rosemary


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