Our Focus

WeightNot is dedicated to helping “weight cyclers” overcome the pattern of gaining, losing and regaining weight that leaves them feeling frustrated, defeated and often heavier each time.

WeightNot believes that the propensity to gain weight is a chronic condition that needs to be continuously and actively managed, and that this condition is only made worse by the conventional short-term, episodic approach to dieting.

WeightNot addresses the underlying physiological, behavioral and nutritional causes of weight cycling, and engineers its programs to maximize weight loss AND prevent regain.

Our Vision

WeightNot will deliver transformational experiences that consistently enlighten and empower members to realize their personal weight and health goals, establishing our programs as the premier offerings in weight management.

Our Mission

WeightNot provides premium holistic weight loss programs that integrate a comprehensive set of proven methods, enabling members to rapidly, safely and naturally achieve and independently sustain a healthy body composition and lifestyle.