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Our Commitment to Truthful Representation in Weight Loss Marketing and Sales
WeightNot pledges to conduct marketing and sales in an ethical and responsible manner that truthfully
reflects the weight loss products and programs being offered, by —

Using Only Documented Claims and Appropriate Disclaimers
WeightNot claims regarding weight loss ranges or other outcomes reflect real customer data and case studies
that might reasonably be considered representative.  WeightNot results are dependent on starting weight,
compliance, gender and individual physiology, and cannot be perfectly predicted for a particular participant.

Specifying The Likelihood of Potential Results
WeightNot weight loss ranges are averages for participants who are actively engaged in our programs,
and there are circumstances when the weight loss outcomes may be higher or lower than average.
Prospective members should be aware that certain pre-existing medical conditions, activity restrictions,
medications and other factors may impair results, even with full compliance to WeightNot protocols.

Accurately Describing the Effort Required for Success
WeightNot does not promote “magic pills” or patently impossible approaches such as “eat whatever you want” or
“nothing is off limits”. Success in losing weight and maintaining weight loss through WeightNot requires a lifestyle
change that involves careful food selection, and results are based on the effort, engagement and long-term
commitment of participants.

Providing a Balanced View of the Overall Weight Loss Process
WeightNot does not exaggerate the importance of any single program element, but instead emphasizes the necessity
of having all program components in combination to achieve successful weight loss and lifestyle change – including but not
limited to portion control, food selection, intake of specific nutrients, activity, coaching/support and progress tracking.

Using Only Accurate, Authentic Member Testimonials
WeightNot uses only real member testimonials for the specific product or program being offered. WeightNot does
not edit testimonials in any way that would meaningfully changes the message, intent, accuracy or attribution
of such testimonials.

Using Only Accurate, Authentic Member Photographs
WeightNot uses only real member photographs that reflect the results for the specific product or program being offered.
WeightNot does not engage in editing, manipulation or staging that meaningfully changes the accuracy of such
photographs or misrepresents actual results. WeightNot accurately indicates the time frame for before and after photos.

Publishing Known Side Effects and Contraindications
WeightNot considers the safety of its members and prospective members to be its highest priority. Prior to purchase,
WeightNot makes information available to prospective members that includes commonly known side effects to calorie
restriction and diet change, and contraindications to use of the product or program being offered. WeightNot
attempts to use language that can be understood by consumers without special medical knowledge or training.

Prominently Displaying Billing Terms
WeightNot staff always offer prospective members the best available pricing including promotions that may be available.
Prior to purchase, WeightNot clearly displays the billing terms associated with the product or program, including
discounts or finance charges, shipping and handling charges, membership fees, and any recurring or installment
payments that require any duration of commitment, and/or require cancellation by the client after purchase in order
to avoid such charges.

Clearly Stating that Results Cannot Be Guaranteed
WeightNot offers products and programs that achieve reliable and consistent results when members adhere carefully
and correctly. However, WeightNot is not in a position to monitor and enforce the full day-to-day compliance
of members, or to directly assess individual member physiology, and as such cannot make any guarantee of weight loss.
Moreover, any physiological process is variable, and guarantees around such processes can be misleading and as such
are avoided by WeightNot.

Keeping Personal Data Private
WeightNot does not resell, trade or share data with any third party organizations for commercial use, including
solicitation for other services or products. Members and prospective members of WeightNot can always
opt out of email communications with us online.

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