Common Questions: Medical

What if I have a thyroid condition?

For those with an impaired (or removed) thyroid, WeightNot can still be highly effective as long as your condition is being properly controlled through medication.

What if I am diabetic?

WeightNot is appropriate for non-insulin dependent diabetics, with a dietary regimen that will help to stabilize and control blood sugar.  We do not recommend the program for Type I or insulin-dependent diabetics.

What if I am taking medications?

WeightNot is compatible with most medications, including common drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol  and diabetes.  As your health improves due to weight  loss and increased activity, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate your medications in consultation with  your physician.

What if I have high blood pressure?

WeightNot is designed to address the causes of high blood pressure, and as such can be beneficial for those suffering from this condition.

What if I have had Bariatric surgery?

If you’ve regained weight or failed to reach your goal after gastric bypass, sleeve or lap band surgery, WeightNot can provide the education and structure to help you reach and sustain a healthy weight.

What if I have kidney or liver disease?

We do not recommend WeightNot for those with kidney filtration levels that are below normal, or with impaired liver function (including hepatitis or sclerosis).

Common Questions:  Age, Lifestyle & Goals

What if I’m also cooking for others?

WeightNot foods and recipes can be shared with others in your household – there is no need to cook different meals for yourself and your family.

What if I’m menopausal?

The hormonal fluctuations during menopause can contribute to weight gain, and can make it more difficult to lose weight when dieting.  Nonetheless, you can still achieve meaningful results on WeightNot – though the pace of loss might be a bit slower than would otherwise be typical.

What if I have 5-10 pounds to lose?

You can typically lose this amount on WeightNot during a brief detox stage, though we do recommend a period of maintenance as well.

What if I’m over 65 years old?

We’ve had members in their 60’s-80’s who have succeeded on the program with a comparable rate of weight loss to those much younger.

What if I have mobility restrictions?

Instead of walking, you may substitute other physical activities that are more comfortable and achieve the same results.  If you are unable to be active in any way, it is still possible to lose weight on the program, however your pace of loss will likely be slower than average.

What if I have 100+ pounds to lose?

Those with 100 or more pounds to lose are most likely to see above average results, and we’d urge you to consider WeightNot as a safe alternative to surgery.

Common Questions: Program Experience

What are the requirements?

Members follow a structured dietary plan that controls portion size, so careful adherence is essential for success. Alcohol, added sugars and artificial sweeteners are restricted, as are certain foods or ingredients known to cause inflammation or promote fat storage. Light to moderate activity is also required.

What are the allowed foods?

There are over 100 choices of common, widely available healthy foods that your family can enjoy. We do recommend that you prepare your own foods as often as possible. Be aware that no alcohol, sugar or processed carbohydrates are allowed during the weight loss stages of WeightNot.

Will I get enough nutrition?

The vast majority of WeightNot Members will receive far higher quality and healthier nutrition during the program than they did with prior eating patterns, even with lower calories.

What are the costs?

WeightNot plans start at $10 per day and can be paid for upfront or with an installment plan. Total cost will depend on the membership duration required to reach your weight loss goal.

Will I be hungry?

WeightNot is designed to effectively combat the physiological causes of cravings and hunger. This is achieved through a combination of factors including nutritional content of the program, and our approach to stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving satiety signaling

Will I lose muscle?

Unlike diets that use simple calorie restriction, WeightNot is designed to target and reduce fat, not lean mass.

Common Questions: Compare

Why not a point system?

Points systems are scientifically flawed. They allow for too much variation, too many mistakes and too much cheating — like allocating your points to eating a pan of brownies. They fail to address the fact that calories are not created equal. Your body needs proper nutrition for optimal weight loss — you CANNOT have your cake and eat it too.

Can’t I just lose on my own?

Most people aren’t successful on their own because of the large amount of misinformation about dieting and the generations of incorrect education about nutrition. Plus dieting on your own does not address the other metabolic factors that could be preventing weight loss. WeightNot has done the research for you and created a proven, reliable system for success.

Why not packaged foods?

For proper nutrition we recommend eating freshly prepared natural and organic foods when possible. Eating processed foods with chemicals and artificial sweeteners is not only unhealthy but it doesn’t address the behavioral issues that caused weight gain or teach proper habits to keep the weight off. Moreover, eating from packages is likely a primary reason for weight gain.

Can’t I keep the same habits?

Unfortunately NO. You will need to make changes — all changes for the better. You’ll learn portion control, food selection and eating patterns that become the foundation for healthier long-term habits. WeightNot includes numerous elements to support and solidify these positive changes.

How Do I Learn More?

Request a Phone Consultation, Get Personalized Program Options and Pricing, and Receive Special Offers.