Our Approach
There is no one thing alone that can reliably cause healthy weight loss – no single pill, food, or exercise. Instead WeightNot believes in a holistic approach that integrates a comprehensive set of proven methods for achieving results and long term lifestyle change.
Our Values
WeightNot is committed to truthful, ethical and responsible weight loss marketing and sales. See our THINTEGRITY PLEDGE here.
WeightNot believes in the power of science, and will only offer services with a sound foundation in proven nutrition, physiology and behavioral research.
WeightNot is deeply optimistic about people and their capacity to learn and achieve, and will create a relentlessly positive and aspirational environment to help unlock that potential.
Our Promise
Members who follow our program correctly, consistently and comprehensively will get results. We will endeavor to inform members when their medical conditions, medications or other circumstances are likely to impact their outcome.

See our Thintegrity Pledge here.




Our Story

Serious Problem, Serious Approach

serious problem serious approach
The origin of WeightNot℠ is not glamorous, sexy or mysterious. No discoveries of ancient substances from far-off lands, no magic powders to sprinkle on unhealthy foods, and no celebrity “secrets” to weight loss. It is instead a story of tenacious focus on finding a scientifically sound and honest long-term solution to a surprisingly complex, pervasive and deadly-serious problem – namely, why so many people gain weight, and have so much trouble losing it and keeping it off.

Bringing Medical Perspective

WeightNot℠ was born of medical perspective (the Founder built the largest medical cosmetic enterprise in the Mid-Atlantic across a decade), and initial observations on the dieting efforts of tens of thousands of patients. These were women and men who had been down the road of the latest and most popular diets in an attempt to take a “smart” approach to weight loss – but whose efforts always ended with them right back where they started, or worse, with even greater weight gain. After seeing the energy and determination exhibited by these dieters, one thing was evident –people don’t fail diets, it’s the diets that fail them.

bringing medical together

Why Diets Really Fail

why diets really fail
Most weight loss plans focus narrowly on some form of calorie restriction, often using packaged meals or meal replacements that are typically unhealthy when compared to real foods. Others focus on a particular nutrient, type of exercise or even just the use of tracking tools or technology. In general, most are characterized by a short-term orientation tied to a particular business model, and are not designed to provide the complete range of life skills, education, metabolic therapies or even nutrition necessary for consistently effective weight loss or proper long-term, independent weight management. But as evidenced by the failure rates of most dieters, these limited approaches are not enough.

Finding A True Solution

So we set the objective of creating a program that would represent a real solution, and dove deep into research on metabolism, physiology, nutrition and behavior. Picture stacks of medical journals and white-boards covered with diagrams mapping the reasons for excess fat storage, fat loss resistance and diet failure. The conclusion — there is no simple answer or singularly focused approach that works for long term weight management. Instead, success requires a number of critical elements – a holistic approach – in combination with real effort and true commitment from participants.
finding a true solution

The WeightNot Difference

the weightnot difference
Through continuous and rigorous testing across thousands of participants, we developed the principles and process that underlie the WeightNot program, a comprehensive system of real food, therapeutic nutrition, education, support, activity and behavior modification.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you lose unwanted pounds and improve your health, while simultaneously teaching you to independently manage your weight in a healthy way for the long term, so that choosing our products and services is always at your option, based on your own lifestyle and personal goals.

We invite you to experience Unbelievable Results that You Can Believe In.

our mission