What is WeightNot?

WeightNot is a 3-stage therapeutic nutrition system that combines REAL nutrient dense foods, supplementation,
coaching, education, community and activity to safely achieve reliable, consistent, healthy and rapid weight loss.

remove and rebalance
reduce and reset
restore and retrain


What Are the Results?

By working faster, WeightNot delivers results at a fraction of the cost of common weight
loss alternatives, meaning a better experience and a superior value for our members.
what are the results?


Why Lose Weight Rapidly?

When done through a properly structured, healthy “lifestyle intervention”, faster weight loss is the most
successful approach to losing weight and keeping it off. This principle underlies all WeightNot programs.


What Do I Eat?

On WeightNot you’ll eat only real, nutrient dense foods that are satisfying, easy to prepare and
taste great. You select the foods YOU prefer – just stick to the allowed portion sizes for each meal.

only this
none of this


What is a Typical Day?

Members take simple steps to build a healthy lifestyle, one day at a time.
my day
my day

What Do I Get?

WeightNot provides the structure, information and tools you need to reach your goal and sustain your weight loss.

dietary guides, support, activity
supplements, education, trackers
coaching, community, recipes


What Do Members Say?

WeightNot has served over 10,000 members across the past five years, helping them to lose weight
and improve their health while also empowering them to make better food and lifestyle choices.

jeff, micheal, jim
michelle, gisselle, shannon
jayme, becky, monty


What are the Plan Options?

All WeightNot plans follow the same principles and have the same components, so you
can simply select the plan that best fits your budget and desired pace of weight loss.


How Do I Learn More?

Request a Phone Consultation, Get Personalized Program Options and Pricing, and Receive Special Offers.